Incentivized & decentralized P2P file-sharing powered by blockchain technology.Increasing file availability. A reason to seed.

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What is Upfiring?

Upfiring is a web, iOS and Android application that creates a decentralized autonomous network between users' devices. The app is free to download and users can exchange files across the network, powering these transactions with Upfire.

Connect with anyone on earth

Upfiring makes it easy for anyone in the world to communicate and share files - regardless of country, language or native currency.

Cryptographic Hash Indexing

Each file on the network has a unique identifier called a cryptographic hash, and indexing files in this manner will allow for ultra-fast distribution and transferring of files between peers.

Crowdsale Fund Distribution

Invest in Upfiring during our crowdsale in early-October and receive our ERC20-compliant Upfire tokens (UFR) directly to your Ethereum wallet of choice! These tokens can be used on our network and traded on various exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or cash. All funds invested in Upfiring will be converted to and stored as Ether until explicitly needed, helping to drive the cryptocurrency economy.

Contribution Period

The Upfiring Token Contract will mint 1,000,000,000 UFR tokens. On October 3rd, Upfiring is kicking off the official contribution period, UFR tokens are released to the public to support the continued development efforts of the Upfiring Project.

Issue with traditional P2P apps

Plain and simply - it's hard to find people to seed files. There is often very little to no benefit, and in a centralized network seeding can even be risky depending on the respective user's local regulations. This often results in no users seeding highly desired files even when the demand is quite high, making downloading these files difficult or even impossible.

Incentivized File-Sharing

Upfiring directly addresses the underlying issues of modern day file-sharing and aims to change the way users think about file-sharing. By using UFR tokens to power the network, users fuel transactions at very little cost, even for multi-GB downloads. Seeders are then compensated for offering files to the network, encouraging a larger and more prosperous file-sharing environment.